Rama Dealsunethical behaviour

Merchandise returned and I am still waiting for refund months later. I have had repeated contact via email to try and resolve the problem. I have even filed a complaint with Paypal the company I ordered the merchandise with. I am still trying to get my money back. I have saved over 30 email requests to and from this company. I also believe the are using unfair business practices. At one point they said they can not refund until I close the file with PayPal, which I did but still no refund. I got frustrated and went back to PayPal to resolve this issue and still no customer satisfaction. They have the merchandise. I have receipt from the postal service that the merchandise was returned. I have even suggested that the PayPal people remove them from their list of merchants . This is so frustrating and unfair. Please help!!! Jackie Strama

Rama Deals

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