Ralph Laurenwomens skinny fit polo shirt

I ordered 2 x womens skinny fit polo shirts in pink and white both in a size small. My partner is a size 8-10 so I ordered both in a small after looking at your size guide which clearly states that a small is 8-10.
After receiving my items I gave one of them as a birthday present to my partner with the intention of saving the other for a Xmas present. These tops however are ridiculously too small. After returning the items I discover that I have to wait for a refund to go back into my account and then reorder both items in a MEDIUM. This for starters is ridiculous in itself regardless of being company policy or not as I had to return 2 other items to jd sports and Manchester City for the same reason and they simply sent me a larger size out after receiving the original item without having to refund me first. Because of this I spoke to customer services and they offered me £20 off and free next day delivery which I accepted. Once the refund cleared in my account I reordered both tops only this time in a MEDIUM. It clearly states on your size guide that a medium is UK size 12-14. I apprehensively ordered them thinking that they would be too big but when they arrived my partner tried one of them on and it was still ridiculously too small. I'm genuinely lost for words due to how harendously wrong your size chart is and how unbelievably ridiculous your exchange policy is, I mean your Ralph lauren for gods sake not Primark, just unbelievable. I will be returning both items to you... AGAIN for a full refund as I simply have no idea what size to order. I've attached 2 pictures of one of the polo shirts compared to a Ralph lauren jumper which is a size SMALL which you can clearly see from the label and I ordered the jumper from your website in the past so it's not a fake. You can clearly see the difference in size by looking at the shoulder seems on both tops. I can't put into words how disappointed I am to experience such poor service from a high end company. I love Ralph lauren clothing but I will never purchase from you again.

Dec 14, 2017

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