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This is a vacation resort ownership in which there was an up-front payment of approximately $14, 000, and a contract for the payment by the purchaser annually of a "service fee". If payment of the "service fee" is not made for two years all ownership rights cease. All purchasers agree to this. This is the only contractual obligation for purchasers.

Raintree Vacation Club instituted a "Special Assessment" equal to approximately one year's "service fee" which is beyong the contract. Additionally, Raintree has implied and in some cases stated that the non-payment of this "special assessment" will have the effect of a non-payment of the "service fee", a cessation of ownership rights.

We have contracts to organize the conduct of business. If any company can for their convenience breach a contract because they have a need, agreements and business is doomed.


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      Jun 26, 2009

    We have compiled a list in excess of 100 members that are communicating and strategizing with a goal of contacting the attorney general in multiple states, especially Texas and AG Andrew Cuomo in New York. If you want to be a part of the combined effort, please send your email address to [protected]

    The longest and most thorough thread of complaints and comments is at The title of this complaint is “Trying to charge a ‘Special Assessment.’"

    For the convenience of the authorities who might want to read members postings and for future reference, it seems it would be best to accumulate all comments under the above thread. There are already 13 pages on the thread. Thank you.

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  • D
      Aug 03, 2010

    I sent in my regular maintenance fee and Raintree applied it to the Special Assessment fee. Now they are saying I owe the regular fee and want to charge me penalties.

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      Sep 16, 2010

    I was told I could make monthly payment on my Special Assessment fee so long as I pay the fee by feb 2011 now I see that I have late fee's and collection fees that ad to an additional $150.00 when does this maddness stop

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