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To whom it may concern, I purchased a rainbow on February 3rd 2019. I feel as though I was giving false information as to the pot of gold program. I was told that the company was very punctual they would be on time and if my demonstration was canceled on their behalf it would still count as one of my 12 demonstrations that I needed to complete. I set up my first demonstration a week in advance as I was told to do at 6 p.m. I was messaged by the lady to make sure that we were still on for the demonstration we were, she message me about an hour beforehand and said that her to ran late and she would need to push it 2 about 30 minutes to an hour past time for us to start I called the people that I had set up the demonstration with they could not do that there for my demonstration had to be cancelled. The lady still honored the rainmate but it would not count towards the 12 demostration that I needed I feel like that was incorrect they still will not honor that so in conclusion I have decided that I no longer want my rainbow vacuum cleaner and then I will not send them to any of my friends and I just want my money back but given that it's been past the 3-day refund. I'm just out of luck. I do not recommend anyone participate in this program and I will not send them to anyone that I know I will also be filing a complaint with the better business bureau as I will be calling Monday morning to see if I can still return my rainbow hopefully they will agree to that. Do not waste your time with this company.

Feb 10, 2019
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  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2019

    Too bad you didn't do online research beforehand. While the Rainbow is a good product, I haven't read anything positive when customers try get rewards by doing their own demostrations. There is always some excuse as to why a demo doesn't get counted. Plus, when you buy these Rainbows, the bulk of what you are paying are commissions for a multi-layer of salespeople.

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  • An
      12th of Apr, 2019

    Rainbow is a great company that allows you to receive lots of gifts. The dealer that was planning on coming to your house was probably late because she had a demo before. I know when I had someone come to my house they were thorough because I was very confused with my purchase. They want to give you the best customer service and don’t just leave if you are still confused. That is probably why she was late. But sounds like you got a really good deal. I know those rainmates in stores cost $140. She just gave that to even though you didn’t even run that demo. Just to let you know I am in sales and anything extra comes out of our pocket. I am sure it’s the same with the rainbow company. Just saying. Sales is a commission based job and if she is giving extra stuff and not getting paid for it that’s a pretty good deal for you then.

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