[Resolved] Rainbow / contract was made with several violations, awful customer service, scam

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From: Liliya Karamova

Cell phone: [protected]
Email: [protected] November 23, 2017

Complaint Letter
I am writing this to address a complaint about a non-acceptable sale and customer service experience regarding one of your authorized Distributors with the office location in Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada):
"Rainbow System Company"
Address: 4170 Still Creek Drive, Suite 200
Burnaby, BC, V5C 6C6
Manager: Vitaly Davydov
Dealer: Faniya Hojimatova

On November 17, 2017 I had a Rainbow demonstration at my house with dealer Faniya Hojimatova. I met Faniya in September 2017. She had sent me several private messages and she requested me to accept her friendship on Facebook. We became friends and after that we have met up and spent time together. One day she offered to show me a very interesting cleaning system and asked to arrange time for a demonstration at my place. I have been offered a free 3 day hotel voucher for the Rainbow presentation. I've trusted her due to the fact I already knew her as we communicated frequently.
During the demonstration she showed me the advantages of the Rainbow system and she persuaded me to buy it.
The Rainbow price was: $3, 899
15 year warranty $399
Administration fee $40
SubTotal amount: $4, 338
I was also offered a trade-in of my vacuum for ($1, 000)
Special discount ($399)
The final price was: $2, 939 plus taxes
GST(5%) $146.95
PST(7%) $205.73
Total amount: $3, 291.68

I couldn't afford this amount for a full payment and so I was offered a monthly financing for 36 months. I was interested and she filled out the Credit Application and Agreement form with the purchase price of $3, 291.68. This application does NOT show any other information or amounts, such as "Interest rate", "Total amount Financed", "Total Cost of Borrowing" or the "Total amount Payable". All these lines remain blank. So I was led into deceit that the final amount I have to pay is $3, 291.68. She never mentioned that with interest it would cost me $4, 893.12. This amount is NOT shown in anywhere in this agreement. In the payment schedule section, Faniya Hojimatova entered a monthly payment amount of $135.92 for 36 months.
On the next day, after I looked over the detailed review of all the documents I realized that I've been scammed.
All documents have been filled out improperly while hiding the real final amount of $4, 893.12.
I made a decision to cancel this contract on November 18, 2017 and return the Rainbow System back to Dealer and the Authorized seller "Rainbow Systems".
I have contacted Faniya Hojimatova (Rainbow dealer), but for some reason she refused to take back equipment and redirected me to her Manager, Vitaly Davydov. I tried to reach him over the phone several times and left him messages. All my efforts to contact Vitaly and return the system back were unsuccessful. He ignored my emails and phone calls. According to the contract I have sent a cancellation letter to the "Rainbow Systems" office by registered mail on November 18, 2017 and faxed on November 20, 2017.
Finally, after many attempts he replied and informed me that he is out of town. Vitaly tried to avoid any returns, although I was insisting on it. I was told that he is the only one who can deal with cancellation of this contract and requested me to pay 10% of contract amount as a cancellation fee. Eventually he has increased the contract amount from $3, 291 to $3, 899 without any explanation and cancellation fee amounted up to $435. I can't return the equipment, because Vitaly refuses to take it back.
Finally after multiple requests from my side to meet and discuss the situation, Vitaly refused even to meet and represent the company. His reply meant he is not interested in resolving the conflict. I was completely shocked and think that his actions as a Manager of company were unacceptable.

I was impressed by the Rainbow system and its potential, and I think every family wishes to own a Rainbow cleaning system at home. Unfortunately, my overall experience with the Rainbow Authorized Distributor, Vitaly Davydov and the dealer Faniya Hojimatova was awful and I do not understand why I have to pay any fee if the contract was made improperly and I have been deceived by the dealer. These types of representatives damage the company's image with such a great history and such amazing Rainbow cleaning systems that offer clean air to every family's home. I would like to ask of your assistance in solving this conflict and to help us come to an agreement. I insist on the equipment return, contract cancellation and I'm definitely NOT going to pay any cancellation fee, because it is against the Consumer Rights.

I can provide all copies of the Sale Contract, the Credit Application and Agreement form and Cancellation Notice.

If you need more information or details please contact me at:
Cell phone: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Liliya Karamova

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Nov 25, 2017
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  • Mi
      Nov 25, 2017

    About 3K of what you spent was not for the product but for commissions for the dealer and distributor owner. Rainbow is a good product but the majority of the $ is just built in commissions as these people work on 100% commission. Sorry you fell for this BS.

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