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Around 3:30pm Thursday 28 July 2011, I enter the RadioShack in "The TownCenter at Bowie" which is in Maryland. I was requiring about a phone advertised in your weekly paper. I was told by the sales person that it wasn't in stock. I asked if I could get a rain check? The sale person told me that they don't do rain checks and I can come back Saturday to see if they it (the sales item) was shipped in. I asked the sales person why do you not do rain checks and where is it posted (in store or on paper) stating that RadioShack don't offering a rain check? He said he didn't know but they don't and there's nothing in the [RadioShack's] system stating that we do.

The sales person began to display a poor attitude towards my questions so, I asked for his name and if he get his manager/supervisor. He proceeded to alert his manager/superviser to speak with me. A man appeared from the back and began to tell me that they don't do rain check and the last phone (sales item) was said earlier that day by him, all before I even opened my mouth to pose a question. The manager (he had no nametag/badge to confirm if he was the manager so, I'm not certain if he was a manager/supervisor or not). The Manager/supervisor offer to check if the sales item was in stock in another store. I asked if he would do just that and proceeded to the counter where the sales person was standing. After about 15 seconds or less they both stated that zero stores had this sales item in stock. The manager/supervisor than instructed the sales person to retrieve my cell# that they may call me when their Friday shipment arrived and I could come in and get it than.

I was returned to the care of the sales person that began to address me very poorly and unprofessional so, I asked if he treated all his customers in this manner? He replied: "If they give me attitude. I replied again: that's still no way to talk/treat a customer and I'll be writing a complaint to RadioShack about this. Once again; he replied: So, go ahead.

I left the store and went home to go online to check other stores and post a complaint/concern. I saw phone #'s for other stores in the area so, I called, only to discover that two stores in the area (Hyattsville &College Park) had a total three of the sales items on had and was willing give me directions for the fastest route to retrieve the item. The service at your Bowie TownCenter Store was very poor and extremely unprofessional. I don't wonder why this location is never busy. These issues needs to be addessed before the School/Holiday season start.

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  • Wi
      Mar 06, 2012

    good for the salesperson for standing up for himself. He does not have to take your attitude you obviously had towards him.

    They easily could've just told you "nope sorry", but they went out of their way (whether you choose to see it or not) to get your number and call you when it arrives.

    And by the way, rainchecks are a privilege, not a right. Stores do not have to offer them if they choose not to.

    I am so glad he told you to go ahead and call a complaint. If I were in the store I would've bought him a drink for standing up for himself.

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  • Jr
      Aug 26, 2015

    Radioshack is a terrible store to buy anything from, or to work for. The employees are required to sell attatchments with the phones they sell. Cases, screen protectors, headphones, chargers MUST be sold with the items, said management.
    Already knowing you were going to purchase an already cheap item, the employees didnt want to waste time with a stingy customer like yourself. You wouldnt have purchased insurence for the phone most likely, or any accesories, and this leads to termination of that employees job. All radioshack corp. cared about was selling cellphones and attatchments. If attatchments are not sold on top of other items like credit cards and batteries, the employees metrics are not met, and this eventually leads to getting fired. I have lied many times to impatient fools like yourself who aren't going to spend a dime more than they have to, its a requirement for employees. Take Iit from me, us radioshack employees have no idea what we are talking about most of the time, we are just bullshi*ting you. I would often smoke cannabis in the back rooms of the store. My advice would be, dont deal with radioshack.

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