Radio Shack Store / rude and ignorant

United States

I have been in the radio shack in bridge hampton on several occasions, leaving everytime frustrated and wanting to scream. they are rude, ignorant and look down at everyone. a friend of mine was in there recently buying batteries and got a smart comment from the male cashier that she was buying them for her vibrator, an unwanted and unnessecary comment. my most recent run in was wen i went in there with my fiancee and we had our 9 month old dog with us when a very rude man SHOUTED from half way up the store “he is not allowed in here get out” a simple dogs are not allowed would have done.

Instead we walked out stunned and humiliated with all the customers staring at us. i am sick of their behavour and would like radio shack to do something about THEIR employees bad manners.


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