RaceTrac Store 240, 7801 Crowley Rd, Ft Worth, TX 76123employee's comment and rudeness caused a threatening scenario for myself

your employee Terri and I have a personal history that is not bad in anyway, but not good either. just a said shed call and never did type thing. i wrote her on facebook stating it was rude that you tell someone face to face that youll call them for months on end, even though i just ignored her and didnt care anymore. i also stated that women like that are why good men become jerks and she needs to stop lying to people, but not in anyway what so ever did i threatened her or say anything innaproprate . I go in buy my stuff ignore her and mind my business. on a few occasions she refuses to give my change back and just glares at me until another employee grabs my change. I actively wait until a different cashier is up there due to avoiding a confrontation as i just want to get my stuff and go home after a long day. Today she yelled out a lie across the store saying I should feel like a real man for threatening a woman after saying "your [censored] ass has some real nerve showing your face in her, threatening people not knowing their life story". I have never in any way ever threatened her or any woman. after I finished my purchase and made it outside I was confronted by several customers who followed me outside saying i should threaten them since im a tough guy. I ignored them and kept walking to my truck. as I opened my door they began making the threats and I was forced to draw my gun in order to protect myself from being jumped. I also had to drive around for over half an hour after as two of the vehicles followed me. Your employee made up a lie due to her not liking me personally which put me in a dangerous situation. This issue with her needs to be addressed immediately. I spend over $900 a month in gas at this store due to being the closest station to my house. I go in, mind my business and avoid her in the store, but she actively walks over to cause a scene every time. Your morning employees are wonderful and we always have a little good chit chat in the morning, but when it comes to her she cant let it go and be a professional. This is highly unprofessional and needs to be dealt with. I don't want to do this but the next time I will be contacting a lawyer and a lawsuit will be filed as your employee who represents your company put me in a dangerous situation where deadly force would have been required.

Thank you and hope your store becomes a better environment.

also one of your late evening employees always smells like weed.

Oct 10, 2018

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