Racetrac / overcharged on every visit

Fort Myers, FL, United States

I'm a long time customer with racetrac, love the stores and very convenient. My problem is everytime I visit one of your branch, they always charge me extra. Items never ring up the sticker price. One item in particular is your 25 oz single can of Rolling Rock which was price at first 2/$2.25, but now 2/$2.50. If I purchase 2, my total price supposed to be $2.75 but no, my total price always come up $2.98. I know I'm talking about change here, but it does add up. If you multiply (the $.23 odd cents I pay extra each time) by 100 times I've been buying these beers, that's equal to $23.00 time the 1000 customers that purchase the same beer that's equal to $23, 000. And anyways, I'm not asking for the $23.00 back but you guys should fix your price and charge long time customer like me accordingly.

Oct 13, 2017

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