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Qwest Telephone / customer service

1 AZ, United States

Problem: July 27, 2009. Qwest customer service made an error by pulling a payment out of my savings account versus what was authorized (checking) which caused a domino effect of fees: Bank fee $25.00 return of check to Qwest for non-payment (as my bank does not except saving withdrawals), $25.00 Qwest Fee for non-payment of bill, inturrupted service of Qwest service for client, and numerous telephone calls and computer time utilized to track down error.
Results: Qwest did AGREE THEY MADE THE INTIAL ERROR of using the WRONG SUFFIX on the with drawal of funds from the bank, which caused the insuffencent funds fee from the bank to the client. In turn which brought forward the NSF notification on the Qwest Bill to client, and the inturrupted use of service for client.
Client request: Was logical to ask for Qwest to send a letter or fax to their bank (to which was required by bank) so they may be returned the $25 fee that was charged due to the mistake on Qwest action. Also remove all NSF fees from the Qwest bill.
Results: Client on that day paid with another CHECK insuring the Qwest customer service member placed correctly in to the system this time payment so bill was properly taken care of. Qwest REFUSED TO SEND FAX OR LETTER TO BANK, OR PROVIDE ANY REFUND IN THE AMOUNT OF $25 FOR THE CHARGE TO WHICH THEY MADE OCCUR from their error as they said IT WAS NOT THEIR FEE? They did state they would take off their NSF fee.
How big of them after being a client of theirs for 15 years, and paying my bill on time every month. I felt SOOOO SATISFIED with their customer service. Over all these years I over looked the 75 cent charges they charge on some call fee that we were NEVER MAKING as it was a hassle to get them to take care of it, and NOW THIS...
I AM SICK OF QWEST and their customer service. As a client we know if we do not pay our bill they turn the service OFF, but if they make a mistake we pay for it no matter what. I say drop them if you can.


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