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Saint Paul, Minnesota
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The true story about qwest internet.
Pay attention closely and expect this from them.

1. Qwest will tell you it's a certain cost when you sign up, this includes an advertising price. It turns out to be $+++. ++ more than expected when the bill comes. True false advertisement. Isn't that illegal?

2. Billing is very confusing and filled with charges ranging from this to that. They even repeat some charges but it isn't calculated but instead shown to throw you further off. Basically their billing is tricky and filled with loopholes.

3. Speed 100% unguaranteed. Speed is nearly always barely 80% of the advertised speed. If it says 1.5 mb it's 940kbps. If its 7.0 mb it's 5.4 kbps. They than turn around telling you that you are a dumbass for expecting full advertised speed and they'll give you a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo about how they only guarantee 50-80% of the actual speed and the reasons are because of how far you are from civilization. Even if the box is 1 block away or right by your garage.

4. Qwest will try and sell you the lowest available speed to your ##. They will lie about availability and tell you it had jsut been upgraded. Then days later offer you a faster speed but now you have to submit to their 2 year contract to change your "offered good package".
You are now tied to a 2 year. Or lose your "offered good package" and pay higher price. Or you can just keep your 1.5 mb : (.

5. Free months? Maybe... They will tell you you get 3 months free. But instead you get charged full price until the 3 free months are calculated in months later. By then you have already paid full price for months and end up crediting/overpaying them for your own good.

6. Bad service. When their techs come to fix things they can't ever figure what's wrong with the lines and always end up drilling new holes everywhere for new outlets. Sometimes they make it worse! You end up paying for it. If its your house wires or anything near your house for that matter. Unless you pay for their guaranteed service plan where they fix things free everytime it's down at a monthly fee.

7. Dsl upload is never mentioned and you are led to thinking that they are as fast as cable. Truth is their upload speed is nearly 700 kbps and unreliable for video conferencing or becomes very laggy when you are connected to 4-5 other things and the upload becomes maxed. False advertisement again. They claim they are as fast as cable. Not uploadwise. Not even close.

8. Tech & reps stink. Qwest reps all have 2nd grade level education. They only ask you 4 things. Your name, your last 4 digit of social security #, how can I help you, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. That's all you can expect from their reps. And so you'll always have to wait days before you get a tech out or your problems solved which could take months later. It is as if the techs and the reps don't know what the hell dsl is all about. Could it be the modem? Your home phone line? The wall outlet? The wire going to the outside box? Basically you'll have to tech yourself.

Here's some tips to battle their stupidity.

1. Complain and threaten to quit and go to comcast. They will credit you 100+ for the stay. This speed things up and the techs fix things faster. It also people turns your internet speed up mysteriously.

2. Never sign up!!!
3. Quit if you have!!!
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N  27th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been fighting with qwest for nearly four months. I terminated there service within a week when the internet was not fast enough for my needs (4 months of fighting for a week or less of service, just doesn't seem right). I keep getting bills from them for past due service and an unreturned modem that was returned within the week. I have made at least 6 calls. They tell me to wait for a final bill or tell me the balance has been cleared up, once to the point of saying I will get a statment/letter stating the fact that it was cleared up. That was 3 weeks ago and all i got was a debt collector calling me and writing to me that I owe a debt. And my favorite part is how they protect their managers so you can't get a hold of one of them for up to 48 hours. If it is your mess up then you better be available to clean it up at my convience not yours.
N  4th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I noticed this month that my Qwest cable and internet bill each went up $10. I did not receive prior notification that these bills would be increasing. Trust for Qwest is now in question. I went shopping around for other ISPs and it seems that I'm being over-charged for what I'm getting. My current speed I'm getting from Qwest is 2.6Mb/s. This costs me $60 per month. Is the cost/speed ratio good?
N  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Thank you.
I deeply hate Qwest, if one can hate a company, I do.
30 years being with them, no loyalty no attempt to better them selves.
N  21st of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am still on hold after numerous attempts of trying to get a $5 per month charged removed after we purchased our internet modem about two years ago and they continue to charge us the rental fee. Last October I spent hours on the phone with them to only receive 3 months credited back. The charge is still there every month and I was just told that I would receive for this month but not prior month because it my responsibility to check my bill. I assumed when they said it was taken care of that Qwest would make sure its taken care of. At this point in my opinion I thinks its a scam and another way to get as much money as they can. I've been with Qwest for about 20 years and bundle all my services and now refuse to continue my services!!! I will be shopping for a company that provides service and that IS NOT QWEST!!!

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