Quicken Loans / unwanted phone calls

I told Dan Holcomb that we had secured a loan with another company. This was done via email... so there was zero chance of misunderstanding. My husband received a text last night (at 8pm) reminding him/confirming the phone call he would receive the next morning. But my husband didn't receive the call... I did on my cell phone. And it wasn't even Dan Holcomb that called. It was some guy named "Kendale" that said Dan Holcomb was out of the office and had asked him to call me. I told him that Dan Holcomb knew better then to call me so he put him up to it. I've received two additional phone calls since then but I have not answered them. I am at work.

I am attaching the email with Dan Holcomb and his supervisor. It clearly shows that I asked him not to call me.

Quicken Loans

Nov 22, 2017

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