Quicken Loans / shady

Chicago, IL, United States

Saw their commercial and decided to try them. I've bought and sold a few houses and am familiar with the process. Got a rate quote on line and my phone started ringing before I closed the browser. Have been called about 20 times in a week. Managed to call them back and the first person I dealt with laughed and didn't really have a professional attitude. She couldn't help and transferred me to someone else who hyped up the company, JD Power this, number one that - I finally had to tell him to stop the marketing, I just wanted a quote. He ran my credit and pushed for the 10% down product. I don't want a 10% down. He wanted to know what I wanted my payment to be - I said just give me your best options so I can decide. It ended with more slimy sales stuff, like looking up the home I am purchasing and saying how much he liked it. Amazing! Totally high pressured sales tactics to play on the emotions. Finally got rate, wouldn't put anything in writing, and wouldn't disclose APR until I force it (he gave interest rate only). Just felt like I was being scammed. Go with another company - there is something not right with this company - read the other reviews.

Apr 11, 2014

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