Quicken Loansfha mortgage

I was contacted by Quicken Loans regarding a house I wanted to buy. The banker was really nice at first. He told me my closing costs would be 2, 800 and I thought that was great! I can do that without a problem. I found the house I wanted and made an offer. My realtor told me that my closing costs would be in the 5-6k area. I was floored. I told her what I was told by the banker at QL. She contacted them immediately. Keep in mind, she was referred to me by them. The banker called me that night, not so nice now, telling me that I was not to listen to the realtor. He kept telling me that my closing costs would only be 2, 800. Told me to listen to him and no one else. So, even though my gut was telling me differently, I still proceeded. As the process continued, the underwriter contacted me with my closing costs. I nearly stroked out when he said close to 5k. Now, granted there was a judgement of 1k in there that I knew about, but my closing costs should NEVER gone up by this much. I told the underwriter what I was told as my closing costs and they could not explain it either. I divorced two men for lying to me. Did QL not think I would walk away from a loan for it?? Please... You lie like a rug, QL!! I will tell everyone I know about your scummy bankers and shady deals. Now I find out I am eligble for the Saphire FHA loan. QL never said a thing about that. What rip offs!! I will refer all my friends to my new mortgage broker before I will let anyone deal with these people at QL.

Jan 21, 2017

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