Quicken Loans / customer service doubletalk

MI, United States

Caveat emptor

I refinanced my mortgage with Quicken less than a year ago (Summer 2012) and I’ve had some questions about what I was told then compared to what I’m being told now. In addition I’m getting contradictory information from them – from one day to the next.

I started with my originating loan officer and named names in terms of what I had been told and by whom. It quickly got bumped to Client Relations. My questions and situation were too complex for the first person I spoke to so they politely bumped it to a Senior Client Relations person by the name of Stacy McGrath. She told me the loan was so old (six months) that Quicken couldn’t research the issue. And then proceeded to talk to me like I was a young child, a small animal, or an idiot. She was a script reading semi-borderline antisocial personality who wouldn’t engage me on any of the issues. Stacy McGrath did more harm than good.

I went ballistic and was bumped to the “Executive Office” and assigned to a guy by the name of Jeff Szerdi. He was towed the company line – and between him and another Mortgage Banker who got caught in the middle of this - I’ve been given unsettling and bare faced contradictory information ( in writing).

I pointed this out to Jeff Szerdi, asked some pointed questions and asked to be put in touch with a manager or a director. (I think I pissed him off when I told him I wanted to speak to an adult.) I got an email back from the guy apologizing for “confusing and frustrating” me but telling me he wouldn’t escalate this. He’s refusing.

He told me that I had already reached the “Executive Office” – that he had clearly explained Quickens position and my options – and that was pretty much the end of it.
I don’t think so. I’m going to contact the California Board of Corporations (The regulator in my state) and the Michigan Attorney General’s office.

But I still want to talk to an adult at Quicken. If anyone knows who the head of Client Relations is- or who is in charge of the “Executive Office” - or where I can find an employee phone directory (or org chart) – please email me a dklimt (at)


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