Qualtry / personalized beanies - out of stock???

Enid, OK, United States

I have tried to spend my groupon numerous times. I can't tell if my order goes through or not. Never do get a order confirmation or a total and no place to paste my redemption code. My cart just shows empty. I have chatted with Groupon customer service at least twice and they say I need to talk to Qualtry.

I have emailed you numerous times since last Thursday morning when I tried ordering my 10 beanies the very first time and it didn't work, but I have yet to get even ONE response from your company. I have called your customer service line several times - only twice was I able to get through to a "Colby Heiner" (sp.?) voicemail, but he doesn't return my calls either!!! I don't know what else I can do!

I'm beginning to think no one works at this company and my money is just gone!
PLEASE at least answer my email and tell me that, so I can quit stressing about this and chalk it up to lessons learned - don't use GROUPON and don't use Qualtry!!!
Melody Keller


Oct 15, 2018

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