QOO10refund my order

I ordered adidas shoes on May 22 2018 i wait for 2 weeks haven't deliver yet so I decided to ask to the seller then the seller replied that the item is already shipped. Then suddenly have staff of Qoo10 message me tru SMS ask me if I receive my parcel so replied no then she/he replied that she/he will inforn the office .then have someone ask me if I receive my parcel tru watsapp i said no i wait for almost 2 weeks until now haven't deliver yet then they replied they inform the delivery staff i wait for how many days i ask again they said that my order lost . So i call the customers service and she said that my order is lost so they send a email to the seller to refund the item then she said that i will ask the seller if can refund o resend the item . Then I send a message to seller i ask if possible to resend my order then they replied that i must negotiate to Qoo10 customers service then u replied that i call them already they say that they send a email to you and she/he replied me they haven't receive yet so i ask the # of the Qoo10 customers service if it is correct or not she/he replied me that they cannot confirm for me i must check by my self .

i dont know what to do they just pass to each other . If i ask the seller they want me to contact the Qoo10 if I contact the Qoo10 they want me to ask the seller. Haissst make me angry


Jun 11, 2018

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