Qantas Airwaysticket price and service

I phoned Qantas as previously directed to book a Townsville to Brisbane return flight. I had previously booked flights in advance for my husband to fly to his work site in Central Qld.
When he became injured, he could no longer work and I had several flights in credit.
I needed to book a flight for a family emergency and it was agreed to use the booking codes of 4GBDUJ and YNO5C7. The flights to Brisbane to Townsville return were booked on 15/4/2017. I was on the phone for almost an hour to have the booking re- costed and checked. I was advised I was to be paid a credit of $55. On 30/4/2017, a Sunday evening, I received a phone call from Qantas advising I owed $55 for the upcoming flights.
As it was late, I said I was not going to discuss this matter and would return their call the following day. When I made the call the next day, I was advised the amount owed was now $161.98. This was disputed and much discussion took place . The outcome was if I didn't pay the money, Qantas would not issue the ticket.
I lodged an online complaint 6/5/17 and have not received a response. I went to Qantas Townsville Airline counter and was directed to go back to on line complaint.
This is unacceptable both with the chargings and the service on line to be on the phone for approx. one hour each call.

I paid $520 for work flights and had to pay an additional $161.98.

I would like a response to why I was quoted three different prices over one week to have a return flight to Brisbane and why the first quote was checked by a supervisor and was not up held. A quote is a quote. If the airline made an error they should still honour the quote.

May 15, 2017

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