Qantas Airwaysdelayed then cancelled flight.

I was booked on flight QF 9 out of Melbourne Airport Australia on April 21st 2017.
The flight was to take off at 10.55pm It was delayed for over 2 hours and we where told we would leave at 1:20am We cleared security after putting our luggage through and sat in the departure lounge, fully expecting to board the plane in good time for take off, BUT we where told there was further delay and asked for our patience, about an hour later we where then told the facts of the delay. We where given water and juice cheese and crackers(Whoop) We waited until about 3:20 am before we where then told that the flight was cancelled and we would have to go back collect our luggage and see Quanta's staff about arrangements for us? But we where not allowed to leave until security could escort us out of the waiting area at 4am. At this time we where asked to pick up our luggage at a carousel and proceed to the Quanta's desk, which was a fair hike, we waited in line for rooms and travel to be arranged for us, I personally waited one hour and forty minutes, after being told there where no more rooms, some where found and I proceeded to get a taxi into Melbourne to a hotel which I found inadequate to say the least, especially when I was woken by a staff member to ask me to vacate the room, and had confused me with someone else, by the time I managed to get any sleep it was time to head back to the airport for a 5:30pm flight. We where further delayed by a half hour and I was one hour late getting into Heathrow airport. I had booked a coach back to Dorset, so I approached the National Express people at the airport, who said I would have to go to the depot, I was supposed to be picked up at the terminal. I had a very long hike to the depot, where I found out my ticket was void now, because I missed the coach the previous day and had to purchase a new one. I finally got home at 12noon into Poole and had a further hours drive to get home. To say I was exhausted would be an understatement. I expected to arrive home the previous day, April 22nd at 2:15 I got home 8am on the 23rd. I had to loose a day of work, and I am out of pocket. I understand things can go wrong, but I have to say, I don't believe this was handled very well and more staff or help should have been at hand for 400 people, no hot drinks or adequate food had been offered to very tired uncomfortable people, my accommodation was lacking, and I know there where some people that didn't even get accommodation. I also found the food very lacking on the flights as well. I would like to know what you are doing to reimburse out of pocket monies for your customers. I don't feel I will be using your airline again. I hope you have the decency to reply to this in a timely fashion.
Janette Purdy

May 12, 2017

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