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Q & M Dental Surgery (Boon Lay MRT) / overcharged extraction service

1 Boon Lay MRT Station, Singapore, Singapore Review updated:
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I went to this Q&M Dental Surgery at 17/7 to check on my tooth as I'm having severe pain. I though it would be just a filling service needed. However, the dentist Dr Joey Chen Chien Jou informed me that I must do an extraction of it rather than filling only. I though most dentist suppose to help clients to remain their teeth and try filling as much as possible. In fact, by just looking at the X-ray alone, he determined that my tooth must be either removed or root canal without even showing me how serious was the condition on the actual tooth itself.
Therefore, I have no choice but to follow the order to do extraction on affected tooth as the root canal is far more expensive which cost more than S$600.

I had checked with the dentist on the actual cost involved for extraction before it even begin. He told me that the cost will be S$100 for extraction and S$80 for X-ray. I had also checked with him whether its possible to claim by using MediSave. He told me that it can only be claim by using MediSave if going for surgery. I was just asking whether its possible, not to proceed on using MediSave. Without asking whether I agreed on using MediSave or not, he already requested the nurse to inform the receptionist to input the claim with MediSave.

At first, he begin by injecting anesthetic to me for total 3 times, I can barely even felt my mouth after that. When the extraction start, he tried to pull out the affected tooth as hard as he can, but somehow he accidentally broke the tooth into pieces. Then he told me to go for another X-ray as the teeth had broken. After that, he continue to remove the left over parts of the tooth.
I thought the entire process would consider a simple extraction only, but somehow after all had been done and go for the bills. I noticed that the receipt is showing with the amount of S$325 surgical procedure instead of the agreed cost of S$100 for extraction only.
All the time I thought the extraction will be S$100 only then proceed with it.
I was not being told that there will be a surgery involved during the entire process.
What I was being informed during the extraction process was the dentist going to use some equipment to drill the bone or so to extract the remaining tooth pieces.
Upon checking with the dentist, he stated that the drilling process was already considered a surgical procedure hence the cost will be S$325, but I was never being informed that it was a surgical process.
If I know it will be that expensive, I would never go for it. I wonder what if the patient is only prepared for S$100, but end up being charged way much higher. And when I think back, it seems like he is purposely doing that surgery so that it is claimable by MediSave. Was this consider a scam?
The whole extraction process is only around 15 min long to remove my tooth. There was no sewing process or any type of surgery which I aware of.
It was only drilling the tooth which seems to be a normal extraction process just like any other dental will do.

I had complaint to the dentist that I was only being informed of the extraction cost of S$100 and not aware of such so call surgery which cost S$325 being initiated.
He seems to push the blame back to me that it is due to my tooth that break out of sudden when he is pulling too hard brutally. I don't get it why it had become my fault when it is him that not professional enough to even do a normal extraction. And due to this failure of extraction, he is forcing this so call surgery on me without even notifying. I had never faced such dentist before who push the blame to the patient and charge more just because he can't perform well on a simple task.
And come to think of it, if my tooth was really that bad, will it be so difficult to extract out? Did he even justify wrongly at the first place? My tooth could had been fix just by filling, but he insisted to remove it or performing root canal to earn more money.

Now, not only my tooth is forcefully remove, I had to pay extra because of someone else mistakes. This doesn't sound right at all.
I would like to request for a refund on the extra charges being applied which is S$225. The agreed charges advised by the dentist is only S$100 as witness by the nurse as well, but the actual charges applied was S$325 instead. And after sum up with other additional charges like x-ray, medicines, sterilization, and admin fee, it becomes a total of S$513 just for extraction of a single tooth (not even a wisdom tooth).
I had cross checked with my colleagues who are local Singaporean and they had never even heard of such costly dental service before for removing a tooth.
If this is how Singapore dental works to scam people money, I would never ever consult any of the dental services here again.

Q & M Dental Surgery (Boon Lay MRT)

Jul 18, 2017
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  • Ed
      15th of Nov, 2018
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    Same issue with me here, but my case was, the tooth was already so bad that the pain was unbearable, no amount of pain medication can help.

    So I went there to get it extracted, I never know I had to pay for all the misc charges, because all the other dentists i went before, dont do such charges.

    So a regular molar extraction ended up becoming a surgery extraction. All in all, i was charged $423 for that day, x ray, stitches all included. But to me it was still too much.

    My wisdom tooth was once removed by my regular dentist, after taking an x ray, he determined that no surgery was required, and that wisdom tooth was counted as a regular extraction, which cost less than $100.

    Next thing I would like to comment is, when I went back to QM for stitches removal, i let them clean my teeth, refilled 3 cavities, and guess my total bill? $323. The doctor did not asked if I wanted floride treatment, so when i went with it, I regretted, this flouride treatment cost $20, not the $5 that my regular dentist used to charge, I am under BLUE CHAS somemore.

  • Ed
      15th of Nov, 2018
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    I had seriously never spent more than $700 in a month, on dental services before. I am on Blue Chas, means my income is like crap, usually my previous dentist only made me pay $5 per tooth in extraction, and cleaning is free about that too, because we are under Blue Chas, Income low as hell.

    If QM wants to remedy this report, kindly call me at 93260638

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