On Monday November 26 I sent a package to Quebec from London Ontario. It was supposed to arrive there the following day. When I checked the tracking the number the next day all it says is "in transit" and "estimated delivery time not available". Now after calling customer service multiple times this week I still have no answers as to where my package is. It is extremely frustrating as this package is worth over $1500 and if it is not returned in the next 10 days I'm going to be out that money. I'm more frustrated that nobody seems to know where it is or have any answers as to what is going on! Every time I've called I've been on hold for almost an hour just to get through and be transferred to someone's voicemail. I will never use Purolator in the future and highly recommend that anyone reading this use another company as the customer service is awful and they clearly can't deliver packages as they promise.

Dec 02, 2018

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