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This place is a complete scam. Employees are breaking into units at this location and switching locks for easy accessibility into other people's storage lockers. I got the run around from the "property manager" who insulted my intelligence as well as his fellow staff after discovering that the original lock that was issued to me at the rental set up was not the lock on my storage unit. The claims department never responded after an insurance claim was filed. Will be taking matters further.

Mar 28, 2017
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  • Md
      Apr 02, 2017

    just to let you know, my storage unit k-031 at your ft caroline rd public storage office, is empty. its all yours you crooks !!! and liers !!! when i moved into your unit, i was informed and i was told i could acess it as much as i wanted to, and i could work in it also. which things were fine great at first. till you switched managers. see when i moved in, it was store items, wood, crates, business equipment, and i checked and i was told it was ok, no problems, why would i ever just want to store used crates, and wood for !!! then you get a new manager in there, and i guess they had something up there ### over me, told me no you cant work out of the unit, or use our electric...well we argued over that, i stopped using your damn gold electric, but yet there were several others in ypur site who could and they still are, and they have been using it, but god damn we never could do it, guess because im white, hell i dont know, others worked out of there units, and used your electric, and the owners drove right passed them not saying a damn word to them, even had extension cords across the roadway too. and no one never stopped told them they cant do it, but damn if we did, they stopped gave us hell, said no. so i guess its just some can do what they want in there units and others cant do things. every day we drove in there others using your precious electric, working in your precious units-damn things we could not do, things your site managers stopped uis from doing, but yet they drive, walk right passed others doing it, and dont say #### !!! your rules only apply to those you want to give a damn hard time too.

    your dollar first month advertising is nothing but "bs" too. every 4 to 5 months you raise the damn rent, i moved into 10x30 at 199.00 a month, and you jacked it up almost double already 360.00...#### i could almost get a damn apartment for that much money. you say cost of living raises, bull #### !!!. your nothing but rip off`s. liers, crooks, im so glad to finally be out from your storage unit. you can have the damn thing (empty), and you can start screwing others. i will tell you this much.

    and i have already started it, and im going to continue doing it too. every place i can on the web, or site. im going to warn, tell them all how crooked you all are. and to not ever use you!!! i wont recommend you to no one ever !!! enjoy losing money you crooks, better raise everyone elses rent now to cover it you crooks, bye and glad to be gone !!!

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