Public Storage / I have never been treated so badly by a company in my life

United States

After suffering a painful foreclosure in 1999, I slowly purchased household items so that when I purchased a new house in the future I would.

In 2009 I rented storage space from Public Storage and put all my household items in it. I had enough item for every room of my future home.

In December 2009 I noticed the lock to my storage unit had been tampered with. One of the locks had been cut through, the other lock was jammed in such a way that it was jammed and my key would not work. I had to climb a ladder to the top of my storage unit to look down into the unit to see what had been stolen.The metal grate on top of the unit had been cut and pulled back and my property had been lifted up from this whole in the grate.

Every time I had come to check on my unit before the theft, a male and a female Public Storage employee would casually strole by and look into my unit whenever I would be standing in the open door of my unit.

I found out about the theft when I went to pay my bill. As I was paying my bill the male employee did not inform me that My locks had been tampered with. There was also a policeman in the office when I was paying my bill.

Again, the employee did not inform me of the theft to my unit while the police officer was there. And he was very arrogant. I felt so devastated and violated by the theft and honestly did not know what to do. The items I had in storage represented my hope of purchasing a new home in the future. After previously suffering a foreclosure this theft was equally devastating.

After I went home I Called Public Storage and spoke with that female employee and told her I would return with the police and file a police report. She told me I could not call the police and that she would not be there. She sounded very nervous and I have not seen her there since. She seems to have vanished.

Now I’ll talk about the insurance Public Storage insisted I buy from a company that is affiliated with them. When I reported the theft they told me that the policy required that I have receipts for each stolen item. However, the insurance company refused to send me a copy of the police even though I requested it three times and pay insurance every month.

I have never been treated so badly by a company in my life. I firmly believe Public Storage employees were involved in the theft of property from my storage unit.

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