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I have credit scores above 76o, high balances in my bank accounts, and more than enough income to qualify for the purchase transaction that this bank had approved. The appraiser was hired by the bank and the property was listed as a duplex but the appraiser thought it would be better to call it Single Family Residence + a legal in-law unit. The bank reviewed the appraisal 2 weeks prior to the loan documents being drawn and decided the appraisal and the property were OK as long as we fixed a broken window.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Ramon, CA We fixed the window and the loan was 100% approved. We signed loan papers and had a private pilot courier the loan documents to the title company so that the loan would be able to fund within 2 days. The lender decided to review the appraisal again and let the documents expire and after 8 business days Provident Funding has not funded the loan. They have given no indication of the funding status except to say that it is in review. The seller is threatening to cancel our transaction and go with another buyer.<br />
This Bank cannot be trusted.

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  • Te
      Jan 06, 2010

    I had very similar situation like this, and I plan to file complaints as well.

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  • St
      Feb 20, 2010

    My name is Steven K Craig and I am a published author. While finishing up my latest novel, I’m beginning the next. This next book entitled “Mortgage Lenders-Destroying America” is an expose’ on Provident Funding with my personal dealings with them in order to save my home. I’ve read story after story from other homeowners who have been treated so wrongly by this company. I’m seeking these other homeowners who have had their lives destroyed by Provident Funding and their unethical policies. Also looking for anyone else with a story concerning Provident, (i.e. Brokers, ex employees, etc.) Do you want your story told? Seeking some sort of justice? Now’s your chance to be heard! Send me your story for possible inclusion in the book. Please have documents to back up any claims against Provident Funding Associates. Keeping quiet is what will allow these companies to continue “Destroying America”, speak up and be part of the revolution. Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Press! Most forums will not allow me to include a link to the anti-Provident website so search ProvidentFunding (dot) info.

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  • Mi
      Mar 01, 2010

    Hi Steve,

    My wife and I live in Mass. and have an unbelievable story to tell about Provident feel free to call me [protected]. This company is so corrupt!!

    Mike in Mass.

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  • Ji
      Mar 20, 2010

    I'm going to try and find someone at Provident who has a brain before I'd share my info...but keep me on your list to call in a month or so.
    Jim J

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  • Ji
      Mar 20, 2010

    Good Luck.

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  • Fu
      Oct 11, 2010

    No one there has a brain. We have been in Escrow with this bank twice with two different properties and to no avail. We are suppose to be in funding seeing as though we signed docs eight days ago. This bank is a joke and I am shocked that they are still in business. At best I am looking into getting a class action lawsuit going against them.

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  • Ji
      Oct 28, 2010

    Suposedly there are more controls on how banks do business these days...apparently they don't apply to Provident. They approved my loan...then after the contingency period expired they un-approved the loan based on the appraisal that their appraiser did (and I paid for) that was originally approved...long story short instead of 20% down I had to put 40% down to close the deal. Talked with the head man and just blew me off. Don't recommend them...or at least don't remove any of your financing contingencies ...

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  • Js
      Nov 11, 2010

    If you want to get a job working at Provident you must have absolutely no lending or mortgage experience. The reason why Provident does this is because they want to train their employees to "the Provident way" and do not want them to be aware of how the mortgage business or UW really work. They are blind to the real lending word and are conditioned by Provident to be rude, unproffesional, and uncaring, and have the "we are better than everyone else, we are always right, and we can screw you over, because we don't really care Provident metality"

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