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Provident FundingFailure to pay insurance premiums

Provident Funding has turned out to be the most incompetent, deceitful and arrogant mortgage lender that I have ever dealt with.

For the past two years Provident Funding has missed paying my flood insurance premiums on time even though they took the money from my escrow account and notified me that they had paid each time. This year they went a step further. They took the money ($545) from escrow in December, 2008, notified me that they paid the bill but they never sent the check. They finally sent it in February, 2009 and after finally sending it, took out a "forced" flood insurance policy and are charging me an unconscionable $4, 380 for the "forced" policy. I have written to them, faxed them, phoned them and emailed them, but they refuse to acknowledge that it's their problem and I should not be charged. They could care less.

Do yourself a favor and don't get involved with this company. The effort and frustration in dealing with them is not worth it.

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    • Di
      DisgustedinFairfield Jun 27, 2009

      Provident Funding is doing everything but funding my loan. With the escrow dateline closing in, they are asking me to sign error-filled "corrected" forms. Absolutely appalling! If your mortgage broker is using Provident, get a new mortgage broker!!!

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    • La
      LadyJane Sep 04, 2009
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      This happens to almost everyone. I've had several mortgages and it happened to me at Wells Fargo and AmTrust on my hazard insurance. Lenders are HUGE now, it's almost impossible for them to get everything straight. As soon as you get a forced policy in the mail you should be on the phone 24/7 until it gets resolved. If your LTV is under 80% cancel your escrow account, then you can pay the premiums yourself and not worry about it.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Provident Funding — Customer Service

    I find the customer service, and overall responsiveness of Provident Funding quite abhorrent. I have filed a...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Provident FundingDelay on Funds Posting

    Terrible Customer Service!

    Mailed in payment 1st week of December, didn't get processed until exactly the 15th. Called in on the morning of 15th asking if my payment had been misplaced, they said they had not record of it so i paid by phone ($15 fee). Learned that night that they found the check, and processed it in addition to the phone payment i made. Called back the next morning and asked if they could wave my $15 fee b/c i had been told by the agent they wouldn't charge me if they found my check.

    Spoke to the Customer Service Supervisor Chris Porter who was extremely arrogant and unresponsive to any dialogue on the matter. I asked if he could give me the name and address of the president so i could personally write to him to issue my complaint, however he refused to divulge both pieces of information.

    Did some research and found their address in Burlingame, California with Craig Pica as President. He will get a letter from me explaining how awful his customer service supervisor is. I'll definitely be spreading the word with my business associates about Provident Funding's lack of professionalism on the Customer Service side of things.

    Great business Craig, however you need some improvement in the Customer Service Area, starting with your supervisor.

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      • So
        Soleil Jan 30, 2009

        I feel that Provident is the BigLots of loans. They are the leader in customer disssatisfaction

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      • Js
        js123 Mar 31, 2009

        I agree. They don't have customer service. Their personnel was ignorant of their own process and could not explain when PO Boxes are checked and when the payment gets processed and posted. I sent my payment with delivery confirmation and I know for fact it has been delivered. But they continue to claim it did not arrive did not answer honestly. They threaten to contact credit agency. Calling them don't really help because it always went into voice mail and do not return calls.

        -1 Votes
      • Ir
        Ironchecks Sep 15, 2009

        I too have had a large cashier check ($5, 428.68) misplaced. I tried to reinstate my note with Provident but the miscommunication problems have worked against me. The claim from the payment department is they mailed it back to me...GENERAL MAIL. Not certified or registered so it could be tracked!
        Interesting that you found a CRAIG Pica. Hoovers lists DOUG Pica as a partner executive. The address they gave was 1235 N Dutton Ave Ste. E, Santa Rosa, CA [protected].
        I am filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve and my elected officials as well the State Attorney General.

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      I was charged an improper late fee by Provident Funding due to a delay on my banks part with an online...

      Provident Funding — fraudulent late fee charges

      Deliberately delay of crediting clients' account then claim late receipt of mortgage payments for assessing late fees.

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