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To all that this concern,
I have been a paying policy holder with progressive (Auto insurance) for 9 years, in addition to having a homeowner’s policy for 8 years. The history of my policies will reflect a well-paying consumer, with no previous claims filed against either policy. I am highly upset with how I have been treated as a consumer, and have every intention to make sure my voice is heard, and my concerns are addressed.
On friday, 5/5/2017 morning (Around 8am), I experienced a flooded basement with approximately 3 inches of standing water. The sump pump appeared to have malfunctioned or shut off during the vast amounts of rain received that the indianapolis area, rain fall had been consistent over a 10 day period which included non-stop rain for nearly 3 days including overnight on 5/5/2017. The sump started working again, and begin clearing the standing water, however, as a result, the finished basement caused almost $10, 000 in mitigation and restoration damages.
I spoke with progressive (Homesite) (Ph) on 5/5/2017 to file a claim for the damages at approximately 10:00 am. I contacted a mitigation company and they were on the scene by 1:00 pm. I was then contacted by the desk adjuster (Derrick etheridge) at approximately 7:30pm. The field adjuster (Dale) came to the property on sunday, 5/7 for the inspection. I was then contacted on tuesday, 5/9 by the desk adjuster who advised there was no coverage for the damages, and my claim would be denied. At a complete loss of words, my coverage’s were an attempt to add coverage I contacted customer service where the agent (Shawnte) stated that coverage could be added, but could not be back dated, and if added the same day, it would be prorated for the amount of time left on the current policy time frame.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mayfield Village, OHI asked to speak with a manager (John stitt) to see what my options were, and to attempt to provide some type of relief. John stitt rudely stated he would attempt to assist and call me no later than 10:30 am the following day. On wednesday, 5/10 I was contacted by stephanie m. (A leadership development team member, not in management or customer service) as she said john was pulled into a meeting and would not be able to speak with me. She stated that there would still be no way for progressive homesite to assist me based on my coverage. She also stated that I would not be able to add the water damage endorsement for at least 5 years because of the recently reported claim that was being denied.
Please understand how furious I am! As I have stated, I have been a customer with progressive for almost 10 years. I have never been late on my policy payments, nor have I reported a that time i’ve not received any type of courtesy call to review my policy, to discuss my coverage’s, to check my needs as a consumer, or to simply thank me for my business. No one has ever called to make sure I have the right coverage’s in place to align with the type of home I have. I have not made any changes to my policy, or had any questions under the assumption that my policy was best aligned with what I needed to protect my home. The one and only time I have a catastrophic event occur, progressive homeowner is not willing to provide any coverage for this extensive loss, nor will they allow me to add the coverage necessary to protect my home from future losses.
I will continue to voice this mistreatment. My next phone call will be to fox 59 news, the newspaper, the better business bureau, and social media. This is unethical treatment, and it does not sit well with me – period.
I look forward to prompt resolution of this concern.

May 10, 2017

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