Progressiveclaims/customer service

E Jul 24, 2017

Since when does calling your insurance company to ask a question, turn into a claim on your account? Oh that's right, when you call Progressive! I simply had a couple of questions about my car and something that happened, and was told and assured by the representative that it would not go against me whatsoever. Little did I know, a few months later when my policy is about to be up, I decided to shop around for new quotes because Progressive is quite expensive...and BOOM public record shows that I have an accident claim on my policy which is now making every premium outrageous! The best part, Progressive didn't pay a penny, and now I'm penalized for 5 years for asking a question!! When I asked the representative why I have a claim for asking a question to the "experts"... because frankly, I don't know jack about insurance, i've never been in an accident...she tells me that maybe next time I should get an agent, so I can get my questions answered at no cost. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! I'm so disgusted.

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