Progressive Casualty Insurance Company / cargo damage by progressive customer

Mayfield ,OH., United States
Contact information:

A transporter company, insured by Progressive Insurance, damaged equipment that they were transporting to me. Progressive claims that the insured doesn't respond to them or present information they requested. In otherwords, the transporter company, McKensie Trucking LLC of Baton Rouge La. doesn't want to accept responsibility for the damage. Progressive Insurance closed out the claim and I am left with $2000.00 in damage that I will not be able to recover.

This happened on 08/09/2018, and three months later Progressive desides to drop the claim and not pay for my damages. They said they were going to send out person to check out the damage and they haven't sent anyone as yet. It was a brand new piece of equipment and and would like to be reibursed for a new rotary mower. I was planning to use it to supplement my retirement and now I will go further in debt. The claim Number is [protected]

Oct 28, 2018

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