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I was unfortunate enough to hit a rather deep puddle driving home last weekend in my 2013 Nissan Altima. Resulting in over 2 inches of water coming through the firewall and through the bottom of the steering column. My boyfriend and I tried to dry it out as best we could with towels and a wet dry vac. I called in to see what we could do about the potential damage. I was told by a rep. To dry it out as best I could and if I still had issues I could take it to a body shop or detailer to see what they can do. I had it looked at by my local auto body who informed me the only way you can asses the damage is to remove the seats and carpet. I then called the insurance company back to file a formal claim. After 3 days of phone tag I was told they would be totalling my car! I was devastated, thinking had they just acted immediately we could have replaced the carpet and had the wiring inspected! We arranged to have my car towed and proceed with the claim. Then I get a call informing me that now they are going to get it to nissan to look at the potential wire damage and we'll see how to proceed. After calling me a liar and promising to update me before the end of day. I'm infuriated, I now had to come out of my pocket to pay for a rental car. I had to leave work early to arrange for the rental. These people have no idea what they are doing. They should have been out to look at my vehicle on day one and advised me properly. Now I feel like they are fraudulently misleading me after they were the ones to inform me of the possible long term effects it could have on my vehicle and why the claims are handled one way just to turn it all around and leave me hanging. After five years of being a loyal customer this is how I'm treated. Left hanging, one person telling me to dry it out and see how it goes, the next telling me they are totalling my car leaving me to come up with the money for a new car and then this "manager" today telling me they are looking into it and then zero communication. I need answers!

Dec 05, 2018

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