Progressive / auto insurance claim

Mayfield Village, OH, United States

My vehicle was hit by a person insured b y progressive on Sept 14, 2017. It is now October 20th, 2017. Your insured person received the only ticket for the accident. ticket 28-772. The claims adjuster as been hostile and rude. I have summited 4 times to request a new adjuster. He, today refused to let me speak to someone else. HE ADMITTED HAVING A COPY OF THE POLICE REPORT. Additionally, not taking responsibility for the accident. Yet, sends a letter on Sept 26th telling me to remove my vehicle to mitigate damages. REALLY? Your company is causing me pain and suffering everyday dragging this out. The police report has your drivers statement at the scene, and a witnesses from another vehicle. WE reported the accident to YOU when it happened. I want your company to do what is right and take responsibility. Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community police record #[protected] Insurance policy #[protected]

Oct 20, 2017

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