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Last night (18/12/2015) I felt a craving for some pringles and so I bought 3 cans, 1 of which I ate last night, this morning I ate the 2nd one and moments before writing this complaint I opened the 3rd can where I found a black hair about 2 feet long in my can that was winded up between the chips, I find this utterly disgusting. I took some photos and I think I need to present this to the Health and Safety board to look into this, selling to millions and to this quality? What else can be found in the cans? I'm too afraid to ask. What if my family attracted a disease due to the fact of foreign objects found inside the cans? If possible, I need some legal advice on this matter.


Dec 19, 2015
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  • Ig
      Dec 23, 2016

    Hello im from croatia, i just found hair in my can of pringles also... its really disgusting

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