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Pringles - product

I just purchased a tin of Pringles Sour Cream and Chilli at Blue Valley Centurion.When I opened it, it was half empty and the chips were smaller than usual . I paid R 20, 00.00 for a half a tin of crisps. Excited when opening but disappointed at the amount received.

This is really unacceptable because it's not the first time this is happening.. we pay for the product and half of it is not there..

Pringles - pringles

I just purchased a tin of Pringles Sour Cream and Onion at Clicks in Cavendish Square, Cape Town and when I opened it, it was half empty.

I paid R 20, 00.00 for a half a tin of crisps. Excited when opening but disappointed at the amount received. I usually buy Pringles and this has never happened before.
I am on my way to a two hour meeting and the choice of tin I purchased today clearly will not do any justice.

Please see the photo and proof of slip attached below.
I look forward to feedback and would like to know the packaging process also to be compensated for my tin.

My contact number is [protected].

Kind regards

Pringles - pringles unhappy and very disappointed

Hi there I bought Pringles by checkers Okavango crossing cape town about 20 min ago. To my surprise I opened it to find it half and the Pringles are so so so small compared to what they where like no...

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Pringles - pringles all new crunch

Good day Purchased to tins of Pringles yesterday at Dischem Savanna Mall, Polokwane in South Africa. I opened one tin and to my horrific surprise, the tin was half empty. Should the tin have been...

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Pringles - movienight

I bought 8 cans of pringles at 1.25 each under the promis of 2 cans for a movie in November 2016 I thought it to be a bonus until I realised I didn't get any movies on my google play I took it as a mistake filed a complaint got told they'd contact me soon 2 weeks later nothing I resubmit still be polite then I got the same message I have tried calling i cannot get in contact I'm on my 9th email between 2 accounts same message I tried again today this time not politely and this time no return email.

I'm not bothered about those movies anymore but it's the principle, if I had payed full price at Tesco 2.00 it would have been £16 for 4 movies which I wouldn't have received thanks for ready I suggest you don't fall for these scams and know if you get an email about it try to call.

Pringles - broken chips

Good afternoon. We used to love buying Pringles, ever since last year every contair we bought all if the chips are broken. We cant serve them to friends when we are watching a rugby match because...

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Pringles - pringles sour cream and thai style chili

Dear Sir/Ma'am I'm writing to you today with a complaint about your product I purchased at pnp Muizenberg. The flavour mentioned above is particularly my Fiancés favorite but when he got home...

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Pringles - pringles

We purchased a few tins of Pringles for kids snacks for Easter weekend from Makro Arbour Crossing Kwazulu Natal South Africa. However much to our demise after recipets were thrown away and we were...

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Pringles - pringles chips

As a regular buyer of pringles Chips I have been greatly disappointed by the quality and quantity of their chips. I have just bought the sour cream pringles and opened the pack to find less than half...

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Pringles - pringles sour cream and thai style chili

I regularly buy Pringles and am familiar with the amount of Pringles in a container. The moment I opened this container, I knew it was not up to the usual standard, the Pringles were just above...

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Pringles - pringles original

I recently purchased Pringles Original Crisps L 7294Kt30 1233 Best by 1/20/2019. They tasted like low sodium crisps. Have the changed the sodium amount? Not tasty as usual. Disappointed in the flavor.
If you have changed the recipe just let me know and I will not purchase them again.
I have enjoyed Pringles for many years, and this is the first time that I was unsatisfied with the product.

Pringles - pringles jalapeños

Good day, my name is robin Thomas and I'm a loyal customer of Pringles. But it saddened me to say that today was one of those days i wished i never encountered. I went to my local Walmart like alway...

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Pringles - cheddar cheese flavored pringles

Today is the 3rd time I have bought a can or cheddar cheese pringles, and every time they've had almost no cheddar flavoring on them! They're basically just the original chips with a little orange on...

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Pringles - pringles texas bbq flavour

Hi i purchased these today and its not the first time its happened. Here we have to pay premium prices for Pringles approx 3 to 4 euro a tube, for this price you'd expect a full tube of Pringles. Lately I have had tubes which are just about 80% full. I think you guys should fill them a little more or you might lose some customers. I love them too much to fall out over something so small. Thanks for your time, keith

Pringles - expired pringles

Out with the family and I wanted some salt and vinegar chips. So I go into the store and get some pringles. I proceed to the check out and but them. I then got in the car and I started to drive away...

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Pringles - quality

So I'm snacking on a can of original pringles while reading a book. I reach in for another chip and pull out something that looks like, well I don't know. Please see pictures an you tell me. It wa...

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Pringles - pain not cheddar cheese

Dear Prangs I bought a tube of cheddar cheese for my twin girls sleep over to find out it was pain inside. A whole tube of pain prangs. The girls where upset because the other girls where picking...

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Pringles - kellogg's vouchers


My name is Zandile and I would like to submit a complaint on top of a complaint.

Two weeks ago I called in to let Pringle know that I had bought a tin of Pringles and they were a bit too salty and were not edible, and a week later I was sent some Kelloggs vouchers.

Today 27/12/2017 I went to Clicks Sandton to purchase some Pringles using my vouchers, and the supervisor (Sizakele) at the stall refused to sell me the goods her reason being that the Pringles were not a product from Kelloggs

Please help because now I'm having a problem using the vouchers issued to me


Pringles - tube of crisps

I have already emailed through this web site on previous occassion without reply.
My son bought a tube of pringles at a football match and found a black nark inbedded into one of the crisps, this was not a burn mark.
This obviously deterred him from finishing his snack which he usually loves and enjoys
He could not even return the tube of crisps to the vendor as the game had started
I have enclosed photos he took on his phone for you to investigate what the foreign matter was
looking forward to hearing from you a second time a round

Pringles - cheese and onion (apparently)

Me and my partner bought Cheese and onion Pringles ( as we have many many times before, as it's our favourite flavour) we bought them from spar shop at bridlington.
Paid full price. And some of the Pringles tasted of cheese and onion, and some of them bbq!!
They was from the exact same container.
And we asked a friend to sample them too to clarify our suspicion .
And to make matters worse I'd done a 13 hour awful shift for the NHS... on a Sunday .. and wanted Pringles all day!!
And the laugh of it all, on the container it says " perfect flavour in every bite "!! Well as a starting point I'd start with getting the right flavour in the right container !!!

From one unsatisfied Pringle buyer.
Larissa Jarratt
5 ashville street

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