Primus Canadaordered 7.0 mbps service getting only 0.03 mbps

Jan 15, 2015

As a Costco member in Mississauga I noticed that Primus Canada representative was promoting their services. It captured my attention and I learned that I buy and receive a 7.0 Mbps (download) service for 32.99 / month + tax.

I was happy and exited thinking that I got myself a very nice deal. Oh boy was I wrong!

Bell Canada came and did what he had to do. Bell Canada Rep was very knowledgeable and professional. After connecting and testing the Dry Loop, he indicated that his job is done and rest is up to Primus Canada.

Right from the start there was no internet, sometimes when connection was established it would be extremely slow when I tested it (multiple times)via it reported Download Speed of 0.03 Mbps +- 20% my upload speed was reported as 0.2 Mbps +-20% (upload speed was and is faster then my download! If and when connection is established) I have never seen anything like that.
For this test My modem was connected directly to the demarcation jack in order to eliminate possibility of bad wiring inside the house. Results were the same, this clearly indicates that problem is with Primus Canada.
I called the Technical support multiple times they indicated that it will take 48 Hrs. for them to get back to me. I have also expressed my concern with Customer service and requested manager for a call back. I am still waiting for the Managers call back.
Then I googled “Primus Canada reviews” oh my gosh lots of negative comments in reference to internet speed / Telephone services and professionalism .
I am still waiting for a resolution at this point, and I am 95% that this is not a Internet provider I wish to do business with. Because I can’t wait 48 hours every time there is a technical issue. For them to get back to me.
You have been warned! I wish I googled primus Canada first, the reason why I felt confident is that I have acquired their service via Costco. 90% of the time Costco always produced satisfactory representation, BUT NOT THIS TIME.
If I don’t update you can make an assumption that the service was terminated with Primus Canada, Otherwise I will update here.

Jan 15, 2015

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