Primo Classics international / misrepresent cars sold!

1 Lakeland, FL, United States

I purchased a car from this company and the car I saw in the pictures online, look nothing like the car I received. The car is in really bad shape. It has sever rust problems, the body has damaged all over it, and the glass window are falling out of the doors and are severely scratched.

This company seems to have a history of lying to people and sticking them with junk cars. I wish I had done a better job investigating this company before doing business with them. So I am to blame for that. But it's sad that good people have to be taken advantaged of, by this type of company. Shame on all that work there. They will have to answer for this one day and it want be too me.

The Car I purchased was a 72 Cadillac Eldorado Covertible. The car I received might be worth 5, 000 and I paid. 16, 500. I have attached two pictures of the car as they posted. There pictures look great. But that's not the car I got. Not a good value! Please people don't do like me and get ripped off. Go look at the car before you buy and DONT do business with Primo Classics International.

Primo Classics international
Primo Classics international

Sep 23, 2017

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