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Minneapolis, MN, United States

Hello I am writing this email email to complain about all the customer service employee I have talked to. I had booked a reservation for November 24-25th on bid your price. I made a mistake with the date and I actually needed it for Oct 28-29. I called customer service and she sounded really nice and took all my information and notes down. I thought it was gonna work out and it was going to be fixed but who knew I had to talk to about 10 people to have something solved. I know I made the mistake about the date but I have been a loyal Priceline customer and I thought they could help me out. Nope not at all. They kept telling me they would call me back after they talk to the manager at the hotel but I didn't hear anything from them. They kept saying can't get a hold of the manager and blah blah. So the Third day I called the hotel and I got a hold of the manager and she even agreed to change the date I would just have to pay 20.00 extra. I'm fine with that but she said Priceline have to call her. So then the customer rep got back to me and said "oh mam sorry there's nothing we can do about it the hotel is prepaid and stuff. She didn't even talk to the manager because the manger was a girl and the customer Rep said the guy said this. Unbelievable service. Full of crap, they kept trying to reassure me saying oh well immediately call and solve this, [censor] all the way. The only time they actually called the hotel was when I called Priceline. Never will be Priceline customer ever again and I will make sure my friends know how [censor] the customer service is when you make a stupid tiny mistake!!! Thank you Priceline

Oct 24, 2017

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