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I booked a hotel using Priceline express deals...

As I know now Dumb Idea but I had done it 2 other times and they really did what they said they would do. When you book you can look at what the hotels should be... In theory. They place a hotel box that shows the hotels or at least the type of hotel you will get if you use their express deal function, The problem is they switch the hotel to a bad hotel nothing like they put in the online add. As far as I know bait and switch has not been legal in the US for a very long time yet here they are advertising and doing it at a national level.

I asked to book a 2.5 star hotel.. I know maybe I should have gone higher but I travel a lot so I think I know what is a comparable hotels. They tell me I will get a Hampton inn, Holliday inn, Holliday in express, Best western, Spring hill suites, or Fairfield. (0r something comparable) look close to find that...I still have not. I know the hotels in area I was booking and none of the above are bad. When I book the send me an extended stay hotel... even if it was the same quality not comparable... but this is nothing like The above hotels.

I opened up a ticket with Priceline to try to resolve the issue and they would not give me a refund. They would not change to a decent hotel.

I have the screen shot of what they said I would get. All of this for 300 dollars. I guess if you rip enough people off for 300 the money really starts to add up.

Jul 04, 2016

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