Priceline - Name Your Own Price / our family has used priceline for many of our trips... that will now cease.

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Our family has used Priceline for many of our trips... that will now cease.
Priceline does not appreciate it's customers nor do they care about delivering a high level of customer service.
We booked through Priceline for our last trip and things were going smoothly until we reached our second hotel in our stay. SURPRISE! I now have $60 to spend on parking for this hotel. There is absolutely no free parking. Nowhere did this disclaimer appear for this hotel on the itinerary or any way to de-select any hotels that do not offer free parking. For families who have planned out and budgeted their trips, this could be a big downer. If we would have stayed even longer, that price would be even more through the roof.
The hotel stated it's Priceline's problem, not theirs. They said we need to fight it with Priceline so that they give us this money back.
Priceline was called. First employee was unhelpful. Said that somewhere in the 100000 word hidden contract it says that incidentals is not covered. Incidentals is VERY understandable, but PARKING is not an incidental. PARKING is a necessity in order to stay somewhere. It should have given us an option to opt out of paid parking hotels if that's the case rather than hide a stipulation into their contract that parking is part of an incidental??
Since this was unacceptable for us that they did not want to reimburse us or offer us any type of incentive, we requested a supervisor.
Another employee was handed the phone. Under the impression we were speaking to a supervisor, we proceeded with explaining our situation again. Again, there was no desire to help us. They also said they weren't a supervisor and they have no supervisor to address our call. They told us we could write a letter via MAIL to the corporate office. When asked if they cared about our continued business, they basically beat around the bush and insinuated they didn't care and that it's our fault.
There were no kind words or incentives offered to make things right or to want us to stay a customer of Priceline. Everything that you will pay out of pocket that in real life are not incidentals, is your problem to deal with when you are already out of town. There's no management to oversee their employees on the phone or escalate an issue to. There's no customer service at all. In fact, they were pretty much outright rude on the phone and blamed us for everything. Aren't customers always right? Or at least they should be made to feel that way even if they are not. Not to basically make us feel like they are untrustworthy and we are stupid to fall for their tricks. Never again will we use Priceline. We rather use a service where everything is disclosed right up front without any surprises on our trips.

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