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I only owe 11 more car payments - I have been paying these people for my van - five year contract - only been reported as late 1 time during that entire period - now my car payment is 10 days late because I lost my job and this crazy nut from Prestige called and left a message on my neighbors phone who I don't even know - how they found out who lives next to me and their phone number is really scary - and the nerve to leave my information on a strangers answering machine - I should cancel the insurance and run the car over a mountain top somewhere - I don't have a job, so how would they get their money then - they are horrible to deal with and I would NEVER deal with them again or recommend them to anyone else - I am calling her supervisor today to complain and they better do something about her.

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  • Ma
      4th of Apr, 2010

    They are contacting my neighbors (people I don't even know either) and telling them that they are looking for a missing car. WHAT! That makes me look like I am a thief. That is so not true. I have told them over and over again to come get the car, but they still keep calling my co-workers and neighbors and tell them that the car is missing. UUUUGGGGHH!

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  • Bi
      20th of May, 2010

    My boyfriend's dad was recently incarcerated. We started receiving calls from Prestige Financial regarding a car loan through them. They call multiple times everyday! The thing is I don't know how they got our number. My boyfriend doesn't speak with his dad and EVERYTHING we have is in my name. They are even offering monetary compensation for helping them find the car! We have told them multiple times to stop calling and they do NOT listen. Please help us!!!

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  • Di
      7th of Jan, 2011

    I lost my job and fell behind with Prestige, as well. My neighbor (who I did know know) came to my door and told me she keeps getting calls from Prestige, and told me they gave her my account information. Prestige has also emailed my someone else's loan information...the email contained that person's name and personal information, and loan information. I REGRET getting a loan with those sharks. I've had my loan for years now and my balance has gone down by about 1500.00 from the original loan. They say it's due to fees and interest. At this rate, I'll pay this 5 year loan off in 20 years or until they kill me from anxiety. They push your buttons and leave disgusting messages, pick a fight, and then hang up on you...they call non stop. I've filed a complaint with Texas Attorney General, but nothing seems to happen. Those people at Prestige are animals.

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  • Hu
      10th of Jun, 2011

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