Premier Inn Hotel, Dublin Airport. / Shuttle service from airport to premier inn.

1 Dublin, IE

Getting into Dublin Airport late on Wednesday night 22nd march 2017, having already booked a night with Premier Inn Dublin Airport, we asked for directions to Shuttle for Premier Inn, and were told 'Zone 16', ok so where's Zone 16, as directed we followed through proceeding to Zone 16, we came across a notice board with all the hotels that have Shuttles on the board except Premier Inn. At this stage, it's Freezing cold and raining heavy we proceed to where we see a queue, Shuttles coming and going, so I ask ( in heavy rain) some drivers where is Shuttle for Premier Inn, ' It's over there', hands waving in the Air, proceeded over there, but see no Sign for Premier Inn all in Heavy rain and so cold my wife had to open her suitcase to get out a pair of socks and a warm hat, as she had complete knee replacement recently and not in very good health. We spent a very long time looking for this Shuttle, coming around again and again to different routes to 'Zone 16' only by chance we saw a ' Double Decked ' Shuttle with Premier Inn on it, eventually we got to Premier Inn, took off our ' Drenched clothing' to hang on the ' Towel' rail to dry. I wrote out a complaint in the morning after breakfast. But it seems, Premier Inn feels it's not their problem, that it's the Airports problem, how can this be, !!! As they Premier Inn Advertise Shuttle service from Airport to Hotel. How will this effect Tourism; Zone 16, no directions as to where Shuttle for Premier Inn picks customers up.

Mar 29, 2017

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