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This is a total scam. I have been working leads for 20 years and this company is the worst lead vendor. Here is how they game you. You need to deposit 300 dlls upfront with your credit card and also leave the card for billing. They will automatically charge your card again for 225 dlls when the balance reaches 75.00 bring your account back to 300 dlls. So they send you over the next couple of days 5 leads per day, the leads are junk and have not requested an insurance quote. So Precise leads quickly bills your card again for 225 dlls. My leads were all delivered at night between 10 pm and 5 am I think this is done so you do not have time to react and wake up to find your card billed again. I do not believe people solicit an online quote during those hours Precise leads has a return policy on the leads that they only allow you to return 15% of the leads which is not even 1 out of 5 leads. The leads they do credit back to you are not credited for at least 10 business days...they delay crediting back to you leads they know are junk so they can continue to bill your card with new junk leads., So after a couple of weeks I cancelled my account, I asked them not to auto re bill while I still had a balance of 109.dlls...which their policy is to pay you the remaining balance with leads. So several days after not eceiving any leads I called them and asked why they are not sending me leads...They send they would turn back on my account...10 min later I had 5 leads in my inbox...junk again...just proving that these are not real time leads and are simply junk. Buyer beware, there are better lead vendors out there.

Note...after two weeks...the leads i submitted for return have still not been credited back to me.

Feb 2, 2017

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