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ITT Controls reviews & complaints

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ITT Controls - Customer service

The worst company to deal with in the world. We sent them an RFQ and no answer for 5 days, so we sent a reminder reading " A kind Reminder" with the original RFQ, we received an email reading " You communicate like a [censored]" end of the email.
This unprofessional behavior does reflect the reality of this company. I advise people to no conduct any business with them. We are buyers! treat us as or close your business and join an anger management club to deal with your issues.
I will be calling the supervisor and seek that this rude, unprofessional worker gets fired.

Desired outcome: Fire the unprofessional worker responsible for this incident and work on building a professional team to communicate with potential buyers.

Aug 02, 2021

ITT Controls - Do not purchase anything from them!

When I say " them" I mean it is probably just one person pretending to be different people, to scam you.

Problem is, is that their website looks uber professional and so many people have fallen for their schtick.

E-mail communication is strange, no signature on the e-mail, sometimes they use Paul, sometimes is Wendy.
They are rude, and don´t seem to really speak english as a first or second language and have ZERO knowledge about the materials they pretend to sell.
I am actually one of the lucky ones. Their demeanor via e-mail set all types of red flags and alarms so I went searching online to try and find other ways of contact and then I found this website with all these complaints.

After reading all the messages I am so happy I got a crappy treatment via e-mail, because the materiais they pretend to sell are usually very VERY expensive.

I hope people are as lucky as I was.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITT Controls - Regulator Jeavons J123LG


According to the offer from December 8th 2020, they gave the delivery time 4 weeks. We placed the order and made payment (8K euros) in the option on December 28th 2020, and they changed the delivery time to 8 weeks,
which is twice as long as the initial deadline.
According to that deadline, the delivery was supposed to be in the worst case by the end of February 2021, which of course did not happen.
After that they changed delivery date to the 2nd week of March, which also did not happen. Then every week they indicate that the package will be ready next week.
Finally they delivered us totally different regulator in week 17 after from the date of our purchase order and payment.

The reason for our request for the return and refund is that we asked strictly for the original JEAVONS REGULATOR J123LG and what you allegedly offered us, and in the end you delivered us REGULATOR from another manufacturer without any technical data on it, and with only the manufacturer sign on it, which obviously is not JEAVONS, but instead SENSUS, that can be seen on photos attached.
There is also no paper - certificate that should accompany the product with the serial number.
Attached you are photos of existing regulator with plate in factory plant (yellow), and also the one with no plate at all (grey) that ITT Controls delivered us!


Desired outcome: Refund

May 26, 2020

ITT Controls - Barton chart recorders

Unprofessional, rude, crooked company. "wendy" is unprofessional at best and participating in dirty business at worst. They will require prepayment, they will not keep you updated on order status, when you inquire about your order they will become aggressive in the way that individuals with low intelligence always the end you will receive equipment that in no way resembles what you ordered if you receive any goods at all.
Avoid these scammers and save your money.

Aug 19, 2020

If you want to contact the actual manufacturer or Barton chart recorders, the new company name is Sensia LLC. Our headquarters is in Houston, TX but we have offices all over the world.

May 19, 2020

ITT Controls - Scam - paid money in advance and haven't heard back

We placed an order with ITT Controls B.V. in Netherlands for Position Transmitters January 17, 2020. We were told that the lead time is 6 weeks. When we contacted after 6 weeks, the lead time increased to another 2 weeks, and later for another 2 weeks until COVID-19 started. After COVID-19 started, they again delayed the order stating COVID-19 as the reason. Even after Netherlands started functioning we still haven't received any word from them other occasional replies to the email in a rude manner.

Their first reply to my email:



We had already paid them in advance and now we are not hearing back from them. They do not add the name and contact number in the signature nor you can find it anywhere so it is impossible to talk to them.

Jun 13, 2019

ITT Controls - Unprofessional communication and conduct

To whom it may concern, I am shocked by the unprofessional communication between my team and the person without mail signature responding on behalf of ITT Controls, per [protected] The...

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Jan 04, 2019

ITT Controls - Product and service

I placed an order about 9 months ago. A person e-mails under the name Wendy, but when I call number an old man with poor English starts stuttering and vibrates on the phone. I do not understand...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITT Controls - itt controls bv is a scammer

Beware this company is a scammer. Never never pay in advance. You will not receive your orders. And if you only get it after a year, it is not good. We are in India. And as soon as ITT Controls BV...

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ITT Controls - Very rude staff

Please see emails below received and sent: Received Today Whatever... it is obvious you have nothing to do there Op 25 okt. 2018 om 09:08 heeft Lesley Broadhurst het volgende geschreven: What I...

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ITT Controls - Customer service / poor response / bad attitude

ITT Controls P.O. Box 422 Barneveld, Gelderland Netherlands - 3770AK I had an enquiry from my customer and searched and found ITT Controls for Krom Schroder valve and actuator. With limited detail...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITT Controls - Ge safety valves/purchase order

We have received offer from itt in june last year. Just because of lead time they have offered. We decided to use their proposal. Our client bp, was asking for the best delivery of valve. We have...

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ITT Controls - itt barton bellow unit assemblies, 8 pieces

We placed an order with ITT Controls BV based on their quotation [protected] for the items stated above on 20.10 2017. The items were requested for our customer in Turkey namely TPAO. Based on the order...

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Dec 13, 2017
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITT Controls - Asco valve

ITT controls have sent to us an offer for ASCO valves, so we have awarded a PO with a governmental company, when we send ITT Controls our invoice while we still in the validity period, they sent u...

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Oct 02, 2016
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITT Controls - Customer service

ITT Controls B.V (Tax NL853372536B01/Legal Identity [protected] /Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam [protected] ) from Netherlands is a worst company we ever dealt. The company behaves in Unprofessional way...

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