Prada / Thong sandal model no. 2y 2954

San Juan Puerto Rico, US

Dear Prada Customer Service, I bought, in your Store at last Vegas Crystals Shopping Mall on September 8, 2016 (transaction reference number [protected]) pair of black nylon thong sandals (see model in reference above) thinking that the style and the quality of Prada, will be more than supported to pay this amount of money for a pair of sandals: $627.27
I just begun wearing them inside the house in February 2017 and even though they are very comfortable, the sound that emits every time I wear them destroy any previous quality adjectives.
The sticky sound that I hear when I walk is so annoying . I actually have barely used them due that. Not even outside my home.
Because I have to admit, that the proportions, straps dimensions of this sandal are perfect, I recommend you to redesign this footed with maybe a perforated leather that allows than the air between the foot and the leather escape to avoid the sound. Just satin, you have expert on your design department.
Those sandals are really nice in style, but wear them not so nice.
I don't know because of the months passed since I bought the item could qualify for a return or not. Send me your best proposal and I will consider it.
Thank you for the time spent reading my concern, but so beautiful and recognized brands as Prada, shouldn't be affected for a design issue.
Best regards,

Pedro Rodriguez
Email: [protected]


Mar 21, 2017

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