[Resolved] Prada / Prada sunglasses for men / ap10977292

I bought in paris a pair of prada sunglasses for men with the code ap10977292 (those numbers are at the corner of one screen).
And those were worn for couple times (no more than 20 days) since i bought them and the edges of the shades (screens) are peeling, like if they had some plastic cover and it is falling. Also one of the bars felt apart (i have the screw).
I want you to refund or replace or fix my sunglasses because they were worn just few times and are alle ruined.
I want to know the procedure to have a refund or repair or what to do about this issue.
Thanks for your help,
rosalinda vargas
mobile numer in mexico [protected]


  • Resolution statement

    Hello, My complaint has not been solved yet, I sent some code they needed to continue with the procedure, probably they didn´t get it, so I am sending by this way the photos, hope they could find the best way to resolve my complaint. thank you, Rosalinda Vargas 52 (477) 4499493 [email protected]

  • Updated by Rosalindavargas, May 16, 2017

    As the issue hasn´t been solved yet, i would like to send this to the persons from prada mexico for the code shown on the leg of the sun glass spr06n 63 10 2au-6s1 135 3n
    hope they could contact me assap.
    Thank you.
    Rosalinda vargas

Mar 25, 2017

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