PowerSportsMax.comservice regarding sending wrong item and not trying to correct the wrong

I ordered a hoverboard for a Christmas gift for my son. I ordered a black 8.5" all-terrain hoverboard on 12/5/18. Got an email saying order was received and later a follow up saying it was being shipped. On 12/12/18 I got a red 6" hoverboard instead. I immediately emailed the company to make them aware of what had happened. They responded saying they would look into it about 2 days later. They then told me a day or two after that there was another one in route to "please wait". After another week and a half I checked the tracking number and noticed that on 12/26/18 the item I was "waiting" for was shipped back to California.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in McKinney, TX I immediately emailed the company (along with tried to call three times) to inform them of what I saw. The next day they emailed back and said they know that it was shipped to the manufacturer. Then said in the same email that they were sold out of that particular hoverboard now and simply said "sorry for the inconvenience". They made no mention of fixing the issue. When I emailed them back saying what was I supposed to do regarding the Christmas gift I ordered for my son they said I could just give him the other one I got. I have tried several times to contact the company in regards to this issue with no answer over the phone and no real attempt to fix the wrong or any attempt to preserve business.

Jan 04, 2019

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