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I bought a moped in May 2017. The moped has a broken part when I received it. I called and they told me don't send it back and they will send me a replacement part in no time. It has been 4 months now and I have not received anything. They don't respond to me anymore. I also requested the Original of Manufacture Certificate to register my moped but they have not send to me either.

Do not buy anything from this company if you don't to deal with bad service or loose your money.

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  • Be
      Apr 08, 2008

    We bought a mobed in March 16th. They said the bike was not available and then would not return the money. We have been on the phone with them every day and now they are just not answering our calls. They kept saying it would be back in the bank in a few days but would not give us a transaction code...

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  • Ma
      Jun 12, 2008 - Very bad service
    9448 Rush St.
    South El Monte
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On May 30, 2017 placed an order for a scooter and helmet. Used Check order status on web sight and got no info. Called order line number on June 9, 2017 and after phone rang at least 10 times was told by someone who sounded as if I was bothering them, that my order would ship today, June 9. Called service line June 10, again phone rang forever and another person with less people skills than the @hole on the order line said my order would ship June 11 or 12. June 10 started E-mail exchange.As of June 12, Nobody at this sorry company knows when my scooter will ship. HOWEVER they did get my helmet to me today. Oh Boy! Don't know when or if I'll get my scooter. Wish they were local so I could get some face to face answers and maybe return the helmet personally. Guess I'll stick it out and hope they include free lube service with my order, it's the least they could do.

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AND EXPECT THEM TO HONOR THE SHIPPING POLICY TIME FRAME. Better yet don't order from them at all. I may have learned the hard way.

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  • To
      Sep 16, 2008

    all u guys are idiots for buying motorsports online. who in there right mind would give out $900.00 online for a product that will regularlly need service. you guys are cheap u wanted to save money and u got screwed.

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  • Sh
      Sep 23, 2008

    I love this company they are the best.. why r u guess talking so much crap ... you know .. you get what you pay for... China has alot of products that are cheap but its pretty much on the person to buy them. So i dont understand why people keep complaining for so little money.

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  • Ke
      Mar 25, 2012

    All of you are idiots when you buy a product from an online company always check your merchandise before you sign. If you product is not in the condition that the company guarantees it is in do not sign ask the delivery person to give you a damaged merchandise form if he does not provide one for you that right there is illegal. after you fill out the form it smart to get the drivers name and plate number and company phone number and if possible his employee number. Then tell him to take the product back to the company he sent it from. make sure you have your warranty information with you and try to get ahold of powersportsmax if you cannot reach them within 5 days calling at least 3 times a day then they are avoiding you and you have a legal suit on your hands. get ahold of a lawyer with your phone records and warranty information and you will recieve a pretty hefty settlement it happened to a friend of mine with a different company. You can also tell that it is a legit company considering you are recieving the product even tho it was damaged you still recieved it even but they are trying to scam you with the rest if it isnt the trucking companies fault which it might be. NEVER SIGN FOR DAMAGED GOODS!!!

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