PowerSportsMax.com125 cc go cart

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...
Do not buy anything from this place. The hundreds of reviews (yelp, bbb, google etc.) telling you to stay away from this place are for real. Do not ruin your family's christmas!!! I just wish my wife would have read them before she bought the 125cc go cart 2 years ago. It's a nightmare. Takes at least 8-10 hours to put together. And then it's chinese junk... It rarely works. My kids got it for christmas 2 years ago and my have spent 2 hours on it. They spent more time in it pretending it worked!! Kids were/are so upset that their present doesn't work. Doesn't make a dad feel great that he can't fix it for them. Sent it to a small engine/lawn mower repair shop and they kept it 10 out of the first 12 months we had it. They had to replace the battery - got a real store bought one from autozone. They had to buy parts from briggs and stratton and then modify to fit on this pos. Numerous calls to the business were never answered. We used friend's phones to call them and they hung up on us. Don't reply to any of the reviews online either. Horrible!!! When they sell you they push the money back guarantee, but guess what? You cant repack the go cart back into the crate, probably didn't keep the crate anyway. But to get your money back for the go cart you have to pay for the shipping back to california-could be up to $800. Please take my advice and do not buy from this sham of a business...

Nov 29, 2018

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