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I bought a 300cc scooter online, in early 2014, paying with my Bank of America credit card, paying $1, 890. When it arrived, I found out that it was a 2012 model instead of a new one. We realized that the front fender was damaged, the front grill was damaged, and the windshield had a major defect. We could not get it started, so after putting it together, had to get it apart to work on the carburetor which we found out was defective and needed to be rebuilt. Cost additional $300. Then Plus, we had no title. Several calls to the company got promises of a return call which never happened. Using their internal email, I reported the issues, but got no response. I sent mail, with pictures, receipts for work, etc. with no response. I went to my CC company, issued by BoA, initializing the complaint process. Only then, did I receive two titles for the scooter so I could get the title. Cost $210. Now I can drive it. Oops . . . no signals work, so I cannot get it inspected. Taking it back to a service shop, I was informed that the wiring harness is defective. Cost to replace unknown due to unavailability to find one in the USA. Service cost another $45. I am now have a vehicle that cannot be inspected for highways, therefore it can never be driven in public nor sold. I am out over $2, 500 for a paperweight.

Hoping that BoA would back me, I was informed that they were ruling in favor of the dealer, who, incidently, has over 100 similar complaints against them, ON THIS SITE, which I was too stupid to research. I am protesting the BoA decision in that they failed to do any research or follow up on my complaints, relying on a simple form letter of dispute as well a copies of my invoice. I don't know who I am more unhappy with, the dealer or the Bank. BEWARE.

Jul 24, 2014
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      Jul 24, 2014

    It is not the responsibility of the credit card company to research your stupidity, after you accepted delivery!

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