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I see a bunch of complains on here about powersportsmax. If you're wondering about buying from them, I'd say go for it, as long as you are knowledgeable about vehicles and know how to fix and assemble things. Thats where most of these issues on here come from, people getting their bikes and expecting them to run immediately, not knowing you have to assemble a few lines on the bike, and fill it with fresh oil. And as far as the damages go, yes its going to happen, you're getting products most likely shipped from china, so don't expect your package to make it back in one piece, this is guaranteed. However damages aren't going to be catastrophic, just things like dings and such. And there is a high chance if you pick a color that is popular and runs out, that you'll be sent the wrong color as well. Just keep these risks in mind, and if you're okay with them, go for it. I knew this all could happen and got my 250 cc motorcycle anyway, complete with a little ding on the lower left side. i didn't care how it looked as i just wanted to learn how to ride, and 1750$ for a cheapo l chinese learners bike like that isn't a bad deal at all.

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      Jun 29, 2012

    Yes... We purchased a go kart from Powersportsmax on 11/25/2011 as a holiday gift for my 3 sons. My children have had a total of 3 hours of ride time on this go kart. From day 1, it's had nothing but problems which we've communicated to the company on over 30 phone calls. with all these calls, it's taken days on end for return calls from service. We've had to replace a number of parts at the advisement of powersportsmax: ignition, starter, voltage regulator, carburetor, spark plugs and all on our dime because powersportsmax is claiming its not under warrantee and normal wear for this type of vehicle. we've asked to speak to management and no one has responded or addressed our issues or concerns. We've been told that owners do not come to the office and mgmt is rarely there. We questioned why such problems with such little ride time and been given nothing but a run around. The option they gave us was ship back to California ($250) or find a local repair shop neither of which is a good or viable solution. The other issue is that we purchased based upon positive feedback on their website from past customers later to find that they only post the positive feedback as we tried to post negative feedback which was never posted. all in all, very deceptive and non-consumer focused.

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