PowersportsMax / product/customer service

We purchased a dirt bike last May. Stopped working in August. Returned the motor for repair - we had to pay shipping. After many phone calls and lies that the motor was fixed and on the way back we finally received a package in October. Only the idiots returned the wrong motor. It was a go-kart motor. They asked us to send the wrong motor back, which we did. Although we should have held it hostage until they repaired and returned ours. Anyway, again after many weeks of dealing with them over the phone they finally sent ours back at the end of November and the dumb thing still doesn't work. We would have been better off just getting if fixed locally instead of spending the money to ship it back to them. Whatever you do...DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They do not stand behind their product, they do not honor their warranty, and they have horrible customer service skills.


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