Power Colon Cleanse And Acai Blastscammers who steal your money

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Never order the free trial. these two businesses are sister companies and they are total scammers. they send the "free trial" so late and don't answer emails telling them you don't want their stupid product on purpose so they get to charge you the full amount. i'm still trying to get money back from them. absolute thieves.


  • K
      Jun 22, 2009

    These two companies are absolute cons i ordered my free trials to receive them too late to rrurn there stupids products and get my money back, and when i do email them they have the cheek to say i'm not on there system and so i dont have a memebership but yet they took my money. So i must be on there system . Total idiots.

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  • J
      Jul 05, 2009

    HELP !!! Im in the Uk and ordered myfreegreentea and power colon cleanse - as trials paying only the P&P. I notified them within the time scale as per the terms and conditions and told them to cancel any future orders. Ive received no further pills but so far they have taken £100 every two weeks from my credit card. My credit card company have told me they cant stop the payments going out - EVER ! even if I cancel my card!! Something to do with it being a subscription and they cant cancel that. Ive explained I have documentary proof of my cancellations - now approx 40 emails to the company - Ive had to instruct solicitors here in the UK but I have to see a specialist this week for an idea how to take this further. At this rate if I cant stop it I will end up bankrupt and lose my house - I havent stopped crying !!! Can anyone suggest anything !??? I just dont know how this kind of thing can be allowed in todays day and age. I have completely complied with the terms and conditions but this company goes under several names in several countries.

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  • S
      Jul 08, 2009

    I wish i read your comment first, I had the same trouble with these company's. I ordered the Power Colon Cleanser "FREE TRIAL" what a load of crap. I cancelled it well within the trial period but they still charged me. I asked them to cancel all other subscriptions they sent back confirmation emails telling me that everything was cancelled. The following month they charged me again, but they didnt send out anything. I sent more emails and made more phone calls, they said they would refund all the money but they still havn't.
    So im in the same boat, dont know what to do!!!

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